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Manpower.ae is one of the renowned manpower supply companies that provides highly trained and skilled labour supply of welders for different sectors. Our company mainly focuses on recruiting workers who are skilled and have thorough knowledge about the welding procedures. We look for those who show great precision and commitment towards the project and provide standard service.

Our workers are trained, skilled and further polished to perform TIG welding as it is one of the difficult processes to learn. The process requires cleaner and more precise welding techniques. Our company workers work by keeping the interest of the client in view and specifically working on aesthetic, structural and standard requirements to meet the industrial standards.

Manpower.ae makes sure that the workers in their company are educated enough to perform their duties properly. These duties include ensuring the quality of the metal is used, reading and interpreting the blueprints and observing the safety procedures properly during their working in a project.

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Manpower.ae has emerged as the top manpower company in UAE providing labour supply services at affordable rates. We have also emerged as the top Oil and Gas manpower in Dubai and further extend our services across UAE. Our workers are highly trained in working on both manual and power tools under pressure in a safe environment. As welding involves technique and skills along with the use of electricity and gas, so we train our workers to be able to operate with both gas and non-gas welding devices.

The workers are further trained to have good knowledge of various welding positions and instrument operations. Manpower.ae makes sure to keep an eye on all our welders to ensure good quality and standard of welds to further maintain the safety of their workers.

Hence, if you are looking for a TIG Welder who is technically and mechanically skilled, you are in right place and can contact us!

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