A Complete Guide to On-Demand Staffing in UAE

A dedicated team is one of the main reasons for an organization's success. Therefore, a shortage of expertise can prove to be very harmful as it can cause the overall operations of a company to suffer. Running out on human capital is being experienced by a lot of organizations these days. On top of that, the absence of an existing workforce for longer durations can create even more difficulties. In such circumstances, our on-demand contracting services can come to the rescue by providing flexibility in hiring. Also, a huge category of employees in the UAE prefers working as on-demand staff. We at manpower.ae focus on instantly providing the right people at the right position at the right time for our clients. We can help you fill the immediate manpower gaps in your already existing positions so that the workload can be equally balanced out without overburdening the permanent staff with someone else's work.

How does On-Demand Staffing Work?

The on-demand hiring model has been increasingly attracting the attention of organizations in the UAE for the past few years. Change in technology and people's outlook towards work are the foremost reasons for this shift towards on-demand staffing. Urgent and short-term requirements can be easily met by hiring the staff on a demand basis. It also helps organizations in getting into an extensive network of seasoned professionals and technical experts. Immediate supply of workforce by manpower supply companies like manpower.ae has proved to be a great support in maintaining business operations' efficiency without compromising the quality of work.

When Should you Prefer On-Demand Staffing?

Although hiring permanent employees on a full-time basis is the widely accepted approach as it brings in commitment towards the organization, there are instances when businesses should take a smart move and hire on a demand basis.

Absence of Permanent Staff

There can be instances due to medical emergencies or various other reasons for which your permanent staff is not able to fulfil his responsibilities for a particular duration. In such cases, as you do not want to replace them, you can hire someone who can fill in the manpower gap for the desired duration.

Peak Business Seasons

Every year, businesses face increased demand for the workforce when the peak business season arises. As the demand is for a short duration, organizations cannot afford to hire permanent staff as it increases their financial liability. In order to fill these gaps effectively and efficiently, the on-demand staffing method comes into the picture. Hiring a temporary employee is the best and fastest solution for such situations as it does not burden the organization's long-time commitments. Read More: What is a Manpower Supply Company: Do you need it?

The Demand for Technical Expertise

The change in employees' preferences has also proved to be beneficial as the workforce can now be hired on a demand basis for almost all categories of jobs. The requirement of technical expertise for specific tasks can also be fulfilled by adopting on-demand staffing instead of hiring such experts on a permanent basis.

Difference Between Contract Staffing and On-Demand Staffing

While contract staffing is preferred for fulfilling long-term requirements, generally ranging from 6 months or more, on-demand staffing is preferred for short-term assignments. As the staff appointed on a demand basis is associated with the company for a shorter duration, the organization is not bound to provide them with the statutory benefits provided under the labour laws of the UAE.

Benefits Of On-Demand Staffing

Out of the many, some of the benefits that on-demand staffing can bring in for your organization are:
  • The fast and easy hiring process
  • Cost-effective approach
  • Increased productivity due to technical expertise
  • Helps in meeting project deadlines
  • No burden on long-term financial liability
  • Customized workforce according to the requirement of the hour
  • Access to a pool of talent
In addition to the above-mentioned benefits, one of the most useful advantages is that employees can be hired on a temporary basis, and if the organization is satisfied with their work, permanent positions can be offered to them. This will not only increase the organization's efficiency but will also help it in avoiding mistakes while hiring a workforce.


manpower.ae has been providing manpower supply services in the UAE for more than a decade. Our expertise and versatility in providing a wide range of services have proved to be very beneficial for our clients. On demand staffing is one of the services offered by us with utmost dedication. We prioritize the best interests of our clients and customize our services according to their requirements.

Ensuring quick hiring

Due to the dynamic business environment, the demand for a workforce has started arising on an immediate basis. In order to avoid any delay in providing the right workforce, we make sure that the hiring process is fast and efficient. The lengthy procedures and avoided ensuring fast filling of gaps as per our client's requirements.

Affordable services

While keeping in mind the requirements, the services are provided at very affordable and reasonable prices. At manpower.ae, we focus on customer satisfaction and believe in providing a strong workforce.

Dynamic Approach

As nothing is constant in this fast-moving era, we adopt a very dynamic approach. By simplifying the process of hiring qualified professionals on a demand basis, we efficiently manage all the stages of the hiring process while keeping our clients in the loop. Read More: Need of Manpower Supply in Different Industries of UAE


Apart from contract staffing and permanent hiring, on-demand staffing is also being widely accepted by business organizations. The immediate requirement of a workforce for a shorter duration of time can be fulfilled by adopting the method of on-demand staffing as it brings in within various benefits for the organizations. We at manpower.ae have a qualified team of experts who can analyze your requirements and provide you with the kind of staff you are looking for. Our team makes the entire process easy and convenient by handling all the intricacies. If you have a requirement, be rest assured that we have it all covered for you.

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